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Distributing nets in village #51.

Disease Prevention and Healthcare

Over 900 Families Receive Family Size Mosquito Nets

As part of our disease prevention and healthcare programs for the typhoon affected communities of Tacloban, we have already distributed more than 900 mosquito nets. Family size nets were distributed to 900 families in six villages, where people are living under the most difficult conditions due to the loss of their homes and property as a result of the typhoon.

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) left a path of destruction through the Philippines in November 2013. It has become known as one of the worst storms to ever hit land. The Philippine government estimates that at least 6,166 people were killed, 28,626 were injured and close to 2,000 are still missing. Tacloban, in central Philippines, was the hardest hit city.

We are Thankful to Mr. Edison Chua for organizing the purchase and shipment of the nets to Tacloban and Edward Chua for his kind assistance.




A familiy receiving nets in village #59.
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